Picomixer  STA Dynamic Map


STA Dynamic Map  is another product  of  Picomixer Company  which releases with   STA (Smart Traffic Analyzer)

It  is  not  an  independent  software,   in  fact,  it  integrates  with  Picomixer  STA (Smart Traffic Analyzer)

to  establish  visualization  of  traffic congestion  as well as  to  display incidents  on  a  live interactive map.

Note:  The  * Clients (STA)  can be installed  on the several (unlimited) separate machines on the network.

To install "STA Dynamic Map" you should install STA (Smart Traffic Analyzer 15.0.0 or newer), and refer to:

STA Options Menu  >  Additional Tools  >  Installation & Settings of  STA Dynamic Map
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( Live interactive map to visualization of traffic congestion )