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Sample Configurations  ( Ten Examples ) for  STA

For each new environment, you need to configure the  parameters  and  settings  of  STA  according to the existing conditions.
In this Collection, we have collected a number of samples from different environments with different height and viewing angle-
of camera to learn how to configure the settings in different conditions.
You can download these sample configurations (including video/config files/information) and use them by Trial Version of STA.

Sample  S.1  [ Standard View ]
Sample  S.2  [ Standard View ]
Sample  S.3  [ Standard View ]
Sample  S.4  [ Standard View ]
Sample  S.5  [ Standard View ]
Sample  N.1  [ Non-standard View ]
Sample  N.2  [ Non-standard View ]
Sample  N.3  [ Non-standard View ]
Sample  N.4  [ Non-standard View ]
Sample  N.5  [ Non-standard View ]

Note: These sample configurations ( ten examples ) are also available in the  Help menu  of  STA ( since version 14.0.0 ).

Note: The configuration of  STA  consists of two parts, which two sets of parameters and settings are considered accordingly:
         - Day  Parameters  & Settings
         - Night Parameters & Settings
Note: In offline operations (that perform by player), the operations will be performed using defined day parameters & settings.
So in these samples, we have adjusted the day parameters & settings ( even if the related video is recorded during the night ).
But for online operations (real-time connection to camera) you will need to adjust both of day and night parameters & settings,
which the night parameters should be adjusted according to the video conditions during the night.
Note: In online operations (that perform by real-time connection to the camera), operations will automatically switch between -
the day and night parameters and settings during the online (real-time) operations, at  the beginning  and  the end  of the day.
Note: Most operating parameters has two options for day and night that the operations will automatically switch between these
options, but there is an exception option that by default has a same value for day and night. That is "Color Enhancement" which
by default is adjusted to  "Same for day & night" (that is siutable for offline operations (using player)), but to perform an online
operations, you should set it to  "Separate day & night" and adjust the day and night options separately:
STA Options Menu   >   Video Sources & Options   >   Video Settings   >   Color Enhancement   >   Separate day & night